Ask Him for What You Want

Ask Him For What You Want

Most men are good people. As such, they want to make their partner happy. Although it may not seem that way at times, a man is not happy if the woman he is with is unhappy. Some of you maybe be thinking “if that’s true why doesn’t he act like it”.

Often what men think women want and need is different from what they actually want and need. Too often women expect men to automatically know what they want. In certain situations it may sounds simple, but honestly he can’t always read your mind.

Tell Him What You Want

If you want your man to bring you flowers and open the door for you, tell him this, in a nice and endearing way. If you want him to help with the dishes or spend more time with your friends, let him know.

The important thing is, if you haven’t ever told him what you want, it’s not realistic to expect him to know. It’s a good idea to bring up any issues as they come up.  This way, your approach can be nice and friendly rather than holding in your frustrations and then taking them out on him.

Don’t be the Ticking Time Bomb

You may be worried about sounding like a nag if you frequently tell him what he is giving you is not what you want. This is a valid concern. However, if you stay silent and he continues to not give you what you want then this will likely only continue to bother you. With all this built up frustration you will probably eventually freak out on him, understandably, but then isn’t it better to tell him immediately so you can do it in a joking and kind way?

Men love to please the woman they are with!  Men would much rather know how to please you then continually guess incorrectly and put in work toward something that you don’t even care about. As appealing and romantic as the mystery of letting him figure it out on his own may seem, it’s usually much better to just let him know how you feel.

Speaking Up

If at first you don’t succeed, try again, consistency with speaking up about what you want in a kind way. He is then likely to lend an open ear to your concerns. Make suggestions for what you really like.

Over time, share more with him so neither you or he feel as if you are dumping a truckload of complaints on him all at once.

Then let him take the ball and run with it from there; he will likely surprise you with his creativity. Yes, it would be ideal if he just did it naturally but sometimes a little nudge or reminder is necessary to get what you want.

You might also be asking “what if he continues to give me what I don’t want after I tell him what I do want, then what?” Then you know you’re with a true a#%hole. Just kidding. It’s possible that it wasn’t clear what you wanted. It’s also possible that he has some aversion to doing whatever it is that you have asked him to do.

Dealing with his Response

Maybe you love having your feet rubbed but whenever you ask him to do it he gives you a back rub instead or ignores the request all together. Maybe he really has a problem with touching feet and so even though he knows you like